Step 3: Orient Last Layer

step 3
first 2 layers orient last layer

This step consists in orienting the Last Layer (up) so the face is entirely yellow, even though usually cubes are not on the right location.

They are named after the patterns that yellow or non yellow stickers define (with a bit of imagination) on a 3x3 matrix. Besides the pattern on the yellow face, the position of the yellow sticker for unset (misoriented) cube define sub-cases. I explain each pattern's name as a cathartic confession ;)

The four corners are numbered C1 (left front), C2 (left back), C3 (right front) and C4 (right back). Unset corners orientation (spin) may be clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-) with respect to set position. If 2 or 4 corners are unset, they are paired and one element of the pair will be spun clockwise and its counterpart counterclockwise. If 3 corners are unset, the 3 are collectively either spun clockwise or counterclockwise. It is impossible to have only one corner unset.

The case of edges is simpler, because they are either set (yellow sticker already up) or unset. So we won't have to number them because the algorithm just set them with different initial setup.

There are 57 different algorithms for this step.