all corners set

Since all the corners are set, only the edges are unset by pair/s (2 or 4 unset edges).

Dice 5 dots: 2 pairs of unset edges (symmetric)

A diagonal cross that looks like a dice sitting of its 5 dotted face, especially because the Rubik'cube is exploded.

4 unset edges

M' U2 M U2 M' U M U2 M' U2 M

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Kite: 1 pair of opposite unset edges (not symmetric)

Large wing spaning on C1 C2 and C3, tail on C4.

2 opposite unset edges

y' M' U' M U2' M' U' M y

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Letter H: 1 pair of adjacent unset edges (symmetric)

H letter grounded on front face

2 adjacent unset edges

y2 L' R U R' U' L R' F R F' y2

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