Step 4: Permute Last Layer

step 4
orient last layer permute last layer

This step is the final permutation of yellow face to complete the cube. It requires one algorithm out of 21.

All corner ternary permutations are centered on the upper left corner (involving upper right and lower left as well)
All edge ternary permutations are either up (horizontal involving up left and right), left (vertical involving up left and down)
Edges are numbered E1 for left, E2 for back, E3 for front and E4 for right.
These algorithms describe either circular permutations when they involve 3 cubes (circ), or binary permutations when they involve 2 cubes. Only 2 swaps or 2 circs can be combined in the same algorithm.
Circs are defined by the center/edges that does not move (fix), whereas swaps are qualified by (opp)osite or (adj)acent and defined by the name of corner/edges involved.