Step 2: First 2 Layers

step 2
white cross first 2 layers

This step consists in completing the 2 layers, started by the white cross, by setting the white face corners and filling the gaps between centers with edges (location and orientation). There are 4 pairs of (corner, edge): blue/red, red/green, green/orange and orange/blue. All the algorithms are illustrated with the setting of blue/red corners and edges. The corner to set are easily identified by one of their 3 faces being white.

  • The result is 2 layers ordered and all the cubes containing a yellow face on the last layer.
  • Corners can have 3 spin positions when they are down: set, spun clockwise or counterclockwise; when they are up we consider the 3 spin positions with respect to the white sticker: up, front or right. Edges have only 2 spin positions so they are either set or unset.

    There are 41 different algorithms for this step.

    Two tricky cases are worth mentioning:

    A wrong place is for instance for a blue/red cube to be located between the red and green faces. It is possible to reduce the occurrence of these cases by first setting the cubes that pose not problem, and that will mechanically take the places of the misplaced cubes. Nevertheless sometime this is not enough, for instance if all the corner already belong to the white face but are all misplaced. In this case, this simple permutation should solve the problem by putting sending the (unmatched) pair of white/orange/red corner and red/green edge to the upper face:

    evict a misplaced pair (corner, edge)

    F' U' F

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