SynprezFM: i18n

Here is the list of all the currently supported languages: some have been transalated by a native reviewer (NR), other by Google Translate (GT), and the rest by me (M).

Language Translation File
English M string.csv
French M string-fr.csv
Spanish M string-es.csv
Russian NR string-ru.csv
German NR string-de.csv
Italian NR string-it.csv
Portugese GT string-pt.csv
Chinese GT string-zh.csv
Arabic GT string-ar.csv
Hebrew GT string-iw.csv
Japanese GT string-jp.csv
Korean GT string-ko.csv
Danish GT string-da.csv
Polish GT string-pl.csv

You can download any file and open it with libreoffice, openoffice and even Microsoft Excel. In each line, you will find 4 fields:

Once you have fixed the translation, you can attach the new version to an email at this address. I will take your work in account in the next revision.

last update: 2014/12/01